Super Civilization

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You don't get it. You are not free. What is happening today [late 2008] is a horrifying mixture of fascism-lite and socialism-lite. Not a single event since 2001, including 9/11, is the fault of limited government, laissez-faire capitalism or freedom. We have had none of those three for many years and are finally reaching the dead-end of the blind alley we are in.

It is now so obvious that we are in deep trouble, that simple questions can be revealing. As Joe The Plumber nearly killed off the Obama campaign with a simple question identifying the socialist nature of Obama, simple questions can be used, in conjunction with history, to identify and prove the nature of the problems that plague us. From there we identify how all these problems are the similar and caused by violations of basic facts of reality, violations of the laws of economics and violations of the facts of freedom.

You will find all this and more on this site, supporting what will be the spectacular [peaceful] revolt of 2012 and the rise of the potential SuperCivilization on Earth. It will begin here, in the only nation on Earth that it can, THE united States of America.